The Knight

April 12, 2017
“You didn’t like him.”
I gasped, “I resent that comment. I did very much like him.”
“You liked the idea of it all. I saw you in love…hell, I’ve saw you in like and that wasn’t it.”
I held my ground. “I did like him.”
My friend was frustrated, “No! You liked the fact that somebody could come in and potentially solve all your problems. He was your Disney prince.”
“You know a prince always comes in and saves the damsel in distress. She’s sleeping. She’s stuck in a tower. She doesn’t want to be a mermaid anymore. She’s forced to be the maid to her evil step sisters…”
After she said it like that I secretly agreed. I’ve always had goals and aspirations, but sometimes when you dream big and the career you want isn’t conventional, self-doubt and fear set in. Then your knight in shining armor comes in and gives you a future. It’s not the one you dreamed about, but it ends with you being married with kids, PTA meetings, and a house with a fence. Or you have it all together and then it’s like somebody pulls the plug. The job you had is gone. The spouse you had is a memory. Once again a knight in shining armor comes in and says, “I got you.” And now you’re in love…with the situation.
I mumbled, “If everything was going right. Actually, eff it! If my life was 80% together then maybe I wouldn’t have been so open and a fallen so fast into the fairytale he gave me.
My friend rolled her eyes, “You lost your job and he came in like Captain Save-A-Ho and said, “Live with me. I’ll take care of you. I got you.” You were open to it because all your problems were solved.”
“You didn’t like him. You liked not having to figure out your life.”
Damn, she was right.
I quipped, “Well thank goodness it was all a lie…”
“…a scheme to get in the panties.”
I rolled my eyes, “There’s nothing like getting played to put your life back into perspective.”
She laughed. “Agreed, but always beware of the eff boy disguised as a knight in shining armor that catches you in a transitional phase.”
I looked over at her a blinked my eyes a few times “That was a whole lot.”

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