The College Practice

May 15, 2017
“Can I get a water, please?”
I got ready to pay the $2 when the guy behind me said “Don’t worry about it.”
I blushed, “Thank you.”
“You’re too young to be a mother of a player.”
“I’m ummm…”
I didn’t have the heart to say I was there in exchange for free Pappadeaux because my homegirl wanted to see her young boo thang.
“…I’m here to see a friend’s…cousin. Yeah, her younger cousin.”
He smiled, “Ohh okay. What’s his number?”
I lied, “Fifty…four”
I continued to lie, “Or was it 57?” I laughed nervously, “I…I can’t remember. I’m just here, you know, doing my due diligence.”
He grabbed a card from his wallet, “Well, if you’re doing your due diligence again.”
I grabbed his card, smiled, and started to walk back to the bleachers in the scorching heat. I handed her the water and a couple of napkins.
I’m assuming she was aggravated by the heat because she snapped, “What took you so long?”
“I met one of these players’ daddy and I’m trying to make him my zaddy.” I said while grinding on the bleacher.
She laughed, “What?”
“I’m assuming it’s somebody’s daddy. Here’s his card.”
She pepped up, “See aren’t you happy you came?”
“No, it’s hot and this is a no pads practice. At least I could see some tackles and hits. If I wanted to see flag football I would go to one of those middle-aged men’s football leagues.”
I looked around the stadium. “What’s his number?”
“It’s thirty-…”
Before she could finish I pointed five rows down to our left. “Is that his family?”
She shook her head and dismissively said, “Nah, probably just fans.”
I looked around at the other people sitting in the bleachers and said, “…but nobody else is in shirts for a specific player.”
She looked at them again and said, “Yeah, that must be his parents…and sister?”
I kept staring at them, “I know black people can come in alllllllll shades, but…she doesn’t look related to that family. In case one of his parents had a break baby…from a white person.”
She looked back at them. I could tell she knew old girl with the family wasn’t a family member. The worst part is her grown ass couldn’t even go over there and inquire.
She took a deep breath, “You ready to go?’
“Do I still get Pappadeaux even though we stayed like 30 minutes.”
She rolled her eyes, “Yes.”
I grabbed by bag, “Cool! I was ready to leave when we parked.”

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