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“…because people always tell women to stay and fight.” She got up and started jabbing like a boxer. “Fight for him. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your man.” I laughed, “Hell yeah! It’s like that episode of “Mary Mary” with Tina and Teddy.”…

April 19, 2017

A Natural Aphrodisiac

I yelled, “GET OUT.” My friend laughed, “You must have just seen the movie.” “Girl, my entire theater was filled with black people just yelling at the screen.” “Mines was too!” I looked over at my friend. She was smiling, but I knew she…

March 15, 2017

90 Day Rule

                    “Does a 90-day rule even matter?” I was looking through the faux fur rack at Zara. I asked the question knowing my friend would say “yes”. She was a sucker for all the relationship…

March 13, 2017