Tag, You’re It.

June 12, 2017
I leaned over and said, “Keep scrolling.”
My friend thumbed through what felt like a thousand of pictures of her and the guy she was dating.
She tilted her head, “Hmmm. What about this one?” She expanded the picture for me.
I looked at it for a second. “That looks too friendly…like you guys are homies.”
She rolled her eyes, “UGH! Why are you being so picky?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “Shit, if you’re going to post a picture and tag him in it to prove a “point”, you might as well go ALLLLLLL the way out.”
She screeched, “This is it.”
She handed me her phone. I nodded slowly. It was a picture of her and him at the beach. Her body and hair looked all moist and radiant like Toni Braxton’s on the cover of her Secrets album. He had his arms wrapped around her smirking directly at the camera as her face titled towards the sky with her eyes closed and a smile that could rival Chester the Cat’s. The picture did look dreamy and perfect.
I agreed, “Yeah, that’s the one.”
“Finally! Now to the most important part- the filter.”
I shook my head. “Nah, that’s not the most important part. The caption is. Are you going to use a song lyric, quote, or emoji?”
She thought for a second, “What about the boy and girl emoji?”
“BOOOOOO! Boring!”
“The two pink hearts?”
“BOOOOO! Cheesy! You should quote a Beyoncé song.”
She shook her head, “That’s doing too much.”
After a few moments, she flipped her phone over so I could view it. It was simple and cute. A black and white filter over the picture and a black heart as the caption. “You posted it already?’
“You tagged him?”
She got up from the table and wiggled her fingers in my face, “Now it’s time to let Instagram do it’s magic.”

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