Sugar Mama

May 22, 2017
“WAIT! Hold up. Rewind. You were flying to his away games? You were his sugar mama?”
“No, I wasn’t. I didn’t give him money.”
“You cooked him dinner? Picked him up? Did he lounge on your white duvet? Were you bringing him breakfast tacos and Chick-fil-A to campus between classes and practice? Were you buying him and his friends Grey Goose or Hennessy, so they can pregame on a Friday night ”
She remained quiet.
Talking to younger guys was never my thing. Hell, I barely talk to guys my age. What’s wrong with guys my age? Nothing. However, men of a particular age should be settled. They should be home owners. They should have been working at their company for a number of years. They basically should be more advance than me in most areas. Maybe that’s why dating a younger guy was never appealing to me because I figured they expected me to be settled AND I AM NOT.
She turned her phone over, “He said that was his ex-girlfriend from high school.”
“Damn, that was quick.”
“I texted him while we were driving over here to make sure his ass got them right when the practice ended. The nerve of him!”
I was stuffing my face with oysters when I said, “…what? Him dating somebody his age. Did you really think he was an awe of dating an?”
She snapped, “A what? I’m not old.”
“You’re older than him — old. Trust me if you would have gotten into an argument with one of those college girls she would have called you “ma’am” and told you, you were old. Trust me at 20-21…hell, at 25 I would call a 30 plus woman old.”
I gave her a side eye, “Uhhhh, to a twenty-one-year-old college student – yes, it is! Girl, young boys have to look at older women like we looked at older men in school.”
“…for food and extra drinking money?”
I nodded my head, “Exactly! And you know damn well if that girl was with his family they are still together. You can’t be out here beefing with some girl that graduated high school in the past three or four years.”
“I cannot.”
“Bitch, you will not.”
She continued to respond to his texts.
I smirked, “It’s okay girl continue to be his sponsor and get young peen. It’s like the circle of life. You once benefited from a sugar daddy and now you’re giving back by being a sugar mama.”
She rolled her eyes and flicked me off.


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