A Facebook Search Away

March 28, 2017

“Everything is a Facebook click away.” I slowly nodded my head with my Facebook application open. My friend was hesitant. I could tell she knew this could potentially be the end. The truth is living in oblivion is sometimes easier. Oblivion allows you to not have to make a decision. It also keeps you living in your fairy tale. The only thing is oblivion will also have you stuck in neutral…and what’s life without progression? I could sympathize with her…

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The Good Morning Text

March 27, 2017

“He hasn’t texted me, “Good Morning” in four days. I was pouring her a mimosa, but just handed her the bottle of champagne instead. This was a serious situation. I sat next to her, “Okay, what happened the last time he sent you a “good morning text?” She started drinking the champagne straight from the bottle. “Nothing, it was a normal day.” Here’s the thing when guys start sending “good morning” texts it becomes a part of our daily schedules.…

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Nothing in Life is Free

March 24, 2017

I looked at my cell phone and rolled my eyes. “Sooo, when is it too soon to block someone who took you shopping a week ago.” My friend gave me a blank stare. “Here’s the thing, I actually prefer shopping alone, I hate trying on clothes,  and humans annoy me for the most part. Why did I think it was a good idea to go shopping with a man that I still kind of considered a stranger is unbeknownst to…

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Shop ‘Til You Drop

March 23, 2017

“You realize you’re a tax paying, working adult? You don’t have to entertain a guy because he wants to take you shopping.” I twisted my lips to the left, “Uhhh, who turns down free stuff?” She quipped, “All money ain’t good money so how you make yours?” I laughed instantly knowing she was quoting Diamond from “The Players Club”. She was over me, “Ma’am, it’s not that funny.” Between laughs I said, “…but Diamond was talking to her cousin, Ebony…

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I’m Gonna Tell Your Mama

March 21, 2017

My friend squeaked, “You talked his mother?”  “Yes, I talked to his mom.” My voice was monotone and nonchalant. In an octave, higher than before she screeched, “You talked to his momma?” In my same nonchalant tone, “I talked to his momma.” I plopped down on the park’s bench with some Eazy-E shades on. She took off her shades and turned around to face me directly. “Let me get this straight. Your grown ass tattled to that man’s momma.” I shrugged…

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Disappearing Acts

March 20, 2017

“Where the hell you been?” I was irate! It had been seven days. I’m talking about Toni Braxton’s “seven whole days and not a word from you.” However, I was happy and relieved he called. He sounded low and timid, “Uh…I had a breakdown.” My disposition changed from irate to mildly concerned and confused. “Wha…what? How do you go from being on the way…like at the airport on the way here to a breakdown?” “I told you how I missed…

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You’re Fired!

March 20, 2017

It felt different at work. It was hard to breathe because the air felt smoggy. The vibe was just off, completely off. I had been doing billing for the past three years and it definitely wasn’t my dream job. It did keep a roof over my head and bacon in my fridge. I checked my email and my boss’ boss set up a conference call for 11AM. I didn’t feel uneasy about the call I figured we were probably getting…

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Can I Get My Ish Together, Please?

March 17, 2017

“You still like eff boys!” I was appalled. “I just think it’s selfish to meet a really nice guy right now and pull him into my mess. That’s what guys do to us. We meet them and they’re not ready.” “That’s not always true. Maybe they thought they were.” “Hell nah! They knew they weren’t ready. The problem is a few months in is when we realize they’re not ready and were never ready. Now we’re so invested we stay with…

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The Tale of the Angry Black Woman

March 16, 2017

I’m pretty sure it’s a tale most black girls have heard before. It’s almost like a cautionary tale. Beware: For the Lone Black Girl at Work is Angry. She walks hard like her feet are made of stone, yet fast enough to give Road Runner a run for his money. Her hair is her crown. It can go from being a short blonde streak bob to a Angela Davis worthy afro. Her hair must have powers because it can change…

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A Natural Aphrodisiac

March 15, 2017

I yelled, “GET OUT.” My friend laughed, “You must have just seen the movie.” “Girl, my entire theater was filled with black people just yelling at the screen.” “Mines was too!” I looked over at my friend. She was smiling, but I knew she was still a bit sad. “Forget about him, girl. It’s way too pretty of a day to stress some eff boy who clearly has an on and off again relationship with his baby’s momma.” She shook…

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