A Facebook Search Away

March 28, 2017
“Everything is a Facebook click away.” I slowly nodded my head with my Facebook application open.
My friend was hesitant. I could tell she knew this could potentially be the end.
The truth is living in oblivion is sometimes easier. Oblivion allows you to not have to make a decision. It also keeps you living in your fairy tale. The only thing is oblivion will also have you stuck in neutral…and what’s life without progression?
I could sympathize with her though. Once you see it, you have to believe it and sometimes that’s a gut wrenching feeling.
“Listen, if you don’t want to deal with it…cool.” I tilted my head and mumbled, “…but if you do…”
In a whisper, she responded, “Search.”
“Search him. Something is off and it’s not just some “good morning” texts.”
I already had his name in the search engine. I looked over his page and it was pretty standard. “What’s his baby mom’s name?” She told me her first name, but didn’t know her last name. “No worries, I’ll find her.” I scrolled through his pictures. “Boom! That’s her right?” The picture dated back to 2011.
“Yeah, but she’s not tagged in that picture.”
I waved my hand, “I got this. The friend is tagged. I’ll go through her pictures.”
Two minutes and about 17 clicks later we were on the baby mom’s page and of course it was open.
My friend was terrified, “Who keeps their page open in 2017?”
I gave her a side eye, “A chick who wants somebody who’s lurking to see something.”
I already knew this shit wasn’t going to end well.

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