Delete, Delete, Delete…Block

March 14, 2017
“I don’t know what happened to you. It’s like now and days you mourn a relationship for maybe a couple of weeks and then you move on.”
I put down my salt and vinegar chips and said, “Girl! It took life lessons for me to learn not to dwell. Remember “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill and she sings, “Nobody hurt me more than you, and no one ever will.” I took those lyrics to heart. I’ve been hurt. It took me damn near two years to get over a guy and even when I was going through all that I made a point to keep telling myself I won’t put my life on pause for no guy. Granted I’ve been hurt and disappointed, but those days of laying in a dark room listening to Toni Braxton are over and have been over for a while.
“I need to get like that.”
“Honestly, the only time I dwell is if I know I wasn’t my best self. So, recently I was dwelling heavy. I’m talking about calling every five seconds. I was in full Drake mode. I was like Keith Sweat –begging. We ended up being cool again, so about time the second fall out happened I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t get me wrong my feelings were hurt, but once everything played out a couple of days later I cared less.” I stuffed my mouth with more chips, “Matter of fact, he just hit me up.”
She sat straight up waiting to hear a good story. “Girl! What?”
“You look way too excited. Yes, he was trying to pull me into some high school/college drama. The whole time I’m like “Sir, I careless. I already forgot about you. Honestly, the area code help me narrow it down to who it was.”
She laughed. “What was he accusing you of?”
“Texting some chi…”
“…girl, don’t even finish. I’ve known you most of your life. I have never known to you to text or call a chick. You barely respond when random people text you.”
“That part. It’s nothing for me to delete or block a number.”
She was enjoying my melo-drama, “So, what happened?”
“Nothing, really. I was trying to tell him I really cared less, but him or maybe it was the girl kept cursing me out.”
She rolled her eyes, “You didn’t go off?”
“Nah”, I shrugged my shoulders, “I really…girl, I just can’t and it’s actually just sad when people need the relationship drama. Sometimes you just have to let people be and pray you never see them again and thank God for deletes and blocks.”
She pointed at me, “That part.”

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