Cloud 9

April 5, 2017
“Do you ever get your baggage confused with your intuition?”
My friend was enamored with the 60s rack at the thrift shop.
I looked over the rack, “All these clothes remind me of Diana Ross or stuff people wore at Studio 54.”
She grinned like Chester the Cat, “I know. I love it!”
I repeated my question, “Do you ever get your past relationship baggage confused with your intuition?”
She thought for a second, “I mean…how can you get them confused?”
I was looking at myself in a fringe vest that looked like it came straight from Woodstock. “Okay, when you’re dating a guy and something random happens like…like…his phone is dead for hours. You can’t find him, but something tells you this is a red flag.
She chimed in, “Your intuition.”
I screeched, “Yes! But when he finally calls and gives you an excuse, your “intuition” is still on high alert, but his reason made sense. Do you ever think that feeling is past relationship baggage? You know like you’re not giving him the benefit of the doubt because of some dude you use to date?”
“Ohhhh, like your intuition is clouded.”
“Exactly? Is it my intuition or is it my baggage? Sometimes I ignore what I feel because I feel like I’m penalizing a person based on my dating past.”
She took a deep breath and moved her hand downward from her forehead to her chin. She whispered, “Center yourself and silence the noise.”
I rolled my eyes.
She laughed and said, “When Mr. Disappearing Acts went missing for seven days, did you think that was baggage or intuition?”
I was a bit embarrassed and said, “Baggage! No, well at first intuition. And then he explained the “disappearance” and then it was intuition and a tad bit of baggage. But way more intuition”
She put her hand out, “There you go. Your intuition was on point. Your intuition wasn’t cloudy, your vagina was.”
I walked off from her.
She chuckled, ” Wait! Where you going? What do you think about this?” She was holding up a multi-color sequin jacket.
I turned around to face her, looked directly at the jacket, and put my hands over my eyes. “I don’t know my vision is cloudy.”

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